Thinking about a career? Worried about employment? After completing your studies, you can easily build a timely career in the buying house and garment industry with short-term training in merchandising.

Let us know what will be the job and employment of a merchandiser?



Merchandising is one of the most attractive fields for building a career in the buying house/garments and textile sectors. Not only in the country, but due to the huge demand of the garment industry in the current world market, it is a bit easier to get a job in this profession than in all other professions. This profession is considered as the lifeblood of the garment industry for building value-dignity, responsibility, and a good career.

A merchandiser usually performs the most important tasks in a garment factory/buying house. He has to work in coordination with almost all the departments of the organization. Usually, a merchandiser performs the tasks of planning, sourcing, sampling, costing, coordination, and communication starting from product development. In a word, a merchandiser has to do everything to execute an order.

Early in his career, a merchandiser started working in a garment factory as a Management Trainee or Intern. Salary will depend on work experience and skills. Although the start is 20 to 25 thousand rupees, after 2 to 3 years of experience by gaining experience in the buying house/liaison office of a multinational company can work at a higher salary. In this case, with the increase in the scope of experience, the salary also increases very fast.

If you are interested, even the less meritorious students can build a good career by taking professional courses. With thousands of buying houses, fashion houses, boutique houses, and garments being set up across the country, it is very easy to get jobs in these sectors. BGMI not only trains but also builds the student in such a way that he can quickly emerge as a merchandiser/fashion designer / corporate officer by overcoming their inertia in the real world.

Admission Going On Below Following Courses….

Diploma on Apprel Merchandising (Knit, Woven & Sweater):
Duration: 1 Year
Academic Qualification: H.S.C/Bachelor’s /Master’s

Certificate Course on Apparel Merchandising (Knit, Woven & Sweater):
Duration: 4 Months
Academic Qualification: Bachelor’s/Master’s

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