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What is Merchandising Merchandising is the promotion of products and/or services available for retail. Merchandising includes quantitative pricing, pricing for products and services, creating display designs, developing marketing strategies, and placing discounts or coupons. More broadly, merchandising can refer to retail itself: delivering products to end-user consumers. Merchandising Strategies Window and in-store displays Grouping related products together Shelf signage In-store ads featuring the merchandise Samples and giveaways In-store demonstrations Well-stocked shelves Spotlighting promotional items Don’t Discount Cleanliness Clean floors and aisles Dust-free shelves and products Products that are neatly stacked or hung A sense [...]


What is Merchandising


Merchandiser A merchandiser is a very important officer for the ready-made garment industry. His responsibilities are immense. In a word, the merchandiser is the one who manages the entire process from product production to marketing to sales. . Merchandising: Merchandising is one of the most attractive fields for building a career in the buying house/garments and textile sectors. Not only in the country, but due to the huge demand of the garment industry in the current world market, it is a bit easier to get a job in this profession than in all other professions. This [...]

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