BGMI (Bangladesh Garment Management Training Institute)

Build Your Career after Training in Buying House & Garment industry• Merchandising • HR, Admin &Social Compliance • CAD & Pattern Making • Fashion Design •QC/Quality Control • IE/Work Study-Admission Info: 01911562677



The Ready-Made Garments (RMG) industry is one of the shining lights in Bangladesh, it is the country’s largest export earning industry (since the early 90s, consistently earning more than 70% of the country’s total export earnings till this day. it is also a very important contributor in terms of Bangladesh establishing social parity between its men and women, one of the targets specified for all nations in the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals. This is because the overwhelming majority of the workforce in the Bangladeshi garment industry (estimates range from 85-90% of the over 4 million people) is comprised of women. Besides this about 30million people are related to this industry directly & indirectly. So, mostly the employment of Bangladesh depends on garment industries.

Notably, the garment industry in Bangladesh has continued to thrive even in the post-MFA (Multi-Fibre Agreement) era, as the period since 2005 has come to be known. Once the agreement expired on the 1st of January 2005, importing countries would be able to choose what amount to import from who, according to their calculations of payoff between price and quality or any other factors they wished to consider. There was a worry in the period leading up to the expiry of the MFA that the Bangladeshi garment industry would lose orders in the face of the low prices offered by Indian, Chinese , Mexican or other exporters or the apparently better quality offered by Vietnamese and Turkish exporters. But the industry showed its resilience by achieving a fine balance between price and quality that has allowed it to maintain, and even improve its position in the post-MFA era. The post-MFA emphasis on achieving this balance and also adherence to Corporate Codes of Conduct called for the training and retraining of potential and existing workers respectively, and hence the advent of institutions such as the one you shall read about in this brochure today: The Bangladesh Garment Management Institute (BGMI).

Every year our garments exports to different country’s (Like Europe, U.S.A, North America, Canada, Australia & other’s) of the world is increasing. It means new garments industry are expanding & also the existing capacity of almost garments industries are increasing. Still the existing garments Industry’s are facing shortage of workforce (Like Merchandiser’s, quality controllers, production executives, Work study executives Compliance officer’s & other’s mid level executives). More over the industry is expanding. So, huge number of workforce is required.

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