Our Vision


BGMI aims to produce versatile, resourceful practitioners for the garment industry with specific scientific, technological and practical knowledge that is particular to the industry in the 21st Century. BGMI will always endeavour to suit its aims and objectives in line with the evolving nature of the challenges posed by working in a modern environment that is sensitive to the changing faces of Globalization.

Currently, its main objectives can be specified as thus:

  • To develop BGMI as an international standard institute providing specialized services to the RMG sector.
  • To further enhance the strength of the Bangladeshi RMG sector by providing technically-skilled human resources.
  • To increase the efficiency, productivity and product value of the Bangladeshi RMG industry through development of human resources and research and development in new techniques and innovations, while at the same time providing international-standard education for the RMG sector.
  • Te develop and maintain a pool of technically competent consultants comfortable with handling both local and international issues.
  • To provide technical assistance in all aspects of garment manufacturing for the local apparel industry.
  • To forge partnerships with similar local and foreign institutions that facilitate the exchange of staff and students, increasing awareness of international standards of best practice and enhancing the reputation of the Bangladeshi RMG sector.
  • Maintaining a close relationship with students and employers to help both fulfil their potentials.
  • To provide opportunities for development and training of employees and staff in the RMG sector.
  • To provide information and data about source material, and introduce state-of-the-art technology to the students and also the RMG industry of Bangladesh.

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